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Welcome to Project-rl, a longterm server made for players who want to experience custom content and explore hidden areas, Fight along side friends or against foes! DOWNLOAD OUR 10.00 CUSTOM CLIENT! Custom Client Here and join the fun!

Welcome to Project RL
Last joined us: Slaptickle, Welcome and wish you a nice game!
Currently, the top level on the server is: Iron Man (1338). Congratulations!
Free Houses: 948
Rented Houses: 0
Accounts in database: 2256
Players in database: 3227
Banned accounts:
Guilds in database: 46
Most powerfull guilds

Bloddyfrag Of Hell

44 kills

Stoner Squad

26 kills

La Familia

7 kills

Baby Rage

6 kills
07.03.19 02:24:42 - New Conjurable Ammunition for Paladins added
"Diamond arrows" and "Spectral bolts",
Both ammunition's are NOT infinite.
This was added to give paladins more in game options for different situations and make the class itself feel more defined.

Diamond Arrow: 38 attack (Large Aoe energy Damage)
Spectral Bolt: 78 attack

Spells for Level 150

exevo gran con hur - Conjure Diamond Arrow : 1000
exevo gran con vis - Conjure Spectral Bolt : 1000
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05.03.19 02:02:05 - Rolling out Some Changes
New Amulet Added to Donation Shop
Flawless Amulet

All Donor weapons buffed
Vip Star 70 > 80
Vip Solar Axe 56 > 67
Viphany 56 > 67
Vip Club 56 > 67
Vip Spellwand Maxhit 200> 300

Mupitz Slayer Attack Damage has been lowered

More changes are on the way..
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23.02.19 04:08:02 - Bug Fix
Abusive looting of rare item Mupitz slayer from the Creature know as "Monstor" located in the evil isles has been fixed.
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30.11.18 03:42:44 - Exp Rate Changes
New Experience Rates are now in effect

View rate changes here

To view your current rate use the !serverinfo command ingame

Other Misc Changes

-Custom quest item "Incredible mupitz slayer" has been granted an imbuemnt slot (Working on adding slots to other items aswell)

-Some custom monster exp has been lowered just a tad due to the rise in exp rates

-Some equipped items not displaying correctly on the webpage have been fixed

More changes will be coming in manageable portions, ill be sure to keep you all up to date.
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20.11.18 05:58:42 - Project-RL Traveler's Guide Vol. 2
Hello! Druids, Knights, Paladins and Sorcerers..

Within this patch a few things have been added/changed
- 3 New Creatures
Faun, Pixie and Twisted pooka have been added to the game, These have been treated as custom monsters with modified attributes. Ideal for mid level players.
These monsters have new creature product drops that some of which will be used for a crafting system and other things in the works in the near future....
Hold on to your gol..d tok.. cough cough
- Balance changes
Devil maul Exp Lowered by 2000
Armor/def 50/50 > unchanged

Grave Keeper Exp Lowered by 2000
Armor/def raised from 20/20 to 35/40
The reasoning for this seemingly small nerf is to make sure exp gains say somewhat in check during the next few patches which will be giving players more ways to obtain strength through items etc... onward
- Npc Selling lesser imbument items
This has been a request for quite some time, since players don't want to farm creatures of insignificance for imbuments sake.
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01.11.18 00:19:45 - Project-RL Traveler's Guide Vol. 1
While working on new things I figured it would make sense to bring light to the lesser known content on Project-RL,

There are spawns that may not get featured in travelers guides for the sake of exploration but the majority of new areas will be featured.

Kind Players have shared discoveries on the forums as well
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